I’ve wanted to create this space for a long time, to construct a canvas for the quietly poetic side of my soul, to compile a masterpiece as a tribute to the things I love–adventure and the earth.

I’m often asked if I am religious, and I am never quite sure what to say. If I were to worship something, it would have to be mother nature. My gratitude is found in the rays of sun that warm my bones and the petrichor that fills my lungs up with the earth’s breath after it rains. It’s in the sensation of mud seeping up between my toes and the might of summer storms. It’s in the labyrinthine in which we are all lost, far from the denouement of our story, yet reveling in our propinquity to wander.

I always find myself in awe of the people and the places that I encounter, the resulting sonder saturating my thoughts as I fall asleep at night. Traveling helps satiate the drive I’ve always felt to know more, and for a moment calms my mind’s silent turmoil that Jonathan Safran so perfectly encapsulated in his words, “sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living”. Traveling gives me a day at a time to live those lives, to find myself at an intersection of the universe far from my roots.

I hope that a fraction of the wonder I feel can be transmitted through words on a page. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth (Rumi). Celebrating the world and all its beauty is mine.



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